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The sky is on fire…right time, wrong place!
August 17, 2008, 7:05 pm
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  • stunning sky, check
  • camera to hand, check
  • interesting foreground…aaarrrggghhhh!
Sunset over Witney, Oxfordshire

Sunset over Witney, Oxfordshire. Nikon D3

It happens to all photographers…you see something amazing, beautiful, unusual or even just quirky and you think to yourself ‘I wish I had my camera with me.
Well, for once, I did! However I put it to the vote that the new saying be changed to…
I wish I had my camera with me and every other variable is perfect too.‘ I’m sure you’ll all agree thats not asking too much…

This was the sky that ended the day on a weekend visiting friends in Witney. I saw it after glancing round the side of the house at a BBQ we were having…then made everyone come and help me find somewhere to shoot it from, sausages and drinks in tow! The surroundings just couldn’t do the sky justice so, as the light was fading fast, I settled for the clearest shot of the sky I could get leaving the foreground out. Does it work anyway or do you agree with me its a ‘maybe next time’ time shot…?



Haha, I love the checklist. “Agghh!” I definitely know that feeling.

Although the sky is dramatic enough to stand on it’s own as an imposing image, I’d say that given the direction of the light you can create a convincing composite by adding a foreground subject in black silhouette. The light and color create the perfect situation to experiment! You can superimpose some electric poles and telephone lines disappearing diagonally into the distance, a piece of someone walking past the camera (like a leg or an arm), a helicopter in the sky, etc. As long as you have a defined line and a perfectly black shape, it might work really well!

Having said all that, this is a magnificent image. What kind of filter(s) did you use?

Comment by Chris

Thanks Chris, there was nothing to put in the image at the time which is why I was gutted. Glad you like the image though, no filters used, just straight out the camera and a bit of contrast/levels in photoshop to bring the colour back out of the RAW file.

Comment by Richard Peters Photography

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