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Nikon D3x…? Something BIG is coming…!
August 24, 2008, 5:00 pm
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That’s according to Nikon themselves who, in a very ‘Lost’ inspired way, answered a question by raising more! For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet…which can’t be many of you by now…over at Nikon there is a scan from the inside of Rangefinder magazine in which Nikon have placed an advert saying ‘something BIG is coming…’


Some speculation suggests there is a Nikon Rangefinder on the way but as the magazine is aimed at professional portrait and wedding photographers the feeling is this is a heads up that the much anticipated Nikon D3x (or whatever it may be called) is on its way…

Nikons ‘something BIG’ teaser advert and full story here.


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I am loving my D3 and can’t wait for some real specs on the D3x… not like I can afford it though. :)

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