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Deer Rut 2008, the story so far…
October 12, 2008, 2:20 pm
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Well, not too much luck with capturing the action of the rut as yet…I’ve only witnessed a couple of minor scraps. But, I am having a great time getting shots of the deer in varying light/weather conditions whilst looking for the fights.

550mm, f7.1, ISO560

Female Red Deer in bracken

I was going to post an update with some photos so far but I’ve decided to hold back for another week or two then do one large article showing my favourite images taken over my time photographing the deer during the rut (and hopefully, with some actual fight shots!). Despite not capturing any action yet I’ve had a great time visiting the park at sunrise and at sunset over the weekend…I’ve had lovely warm misty light, golden evening light and also out and out fog so it’s been great to have such varying opportunities. I’ve even stumbled on a Kestrels hunting ground too so that might be a project for the near future…!


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That will be great, I look forward to the article. Love the above shot and your Kestrels idea sounds cool.

Comment by Nick Lewis

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