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Welcome to my blog. I decided to put this together after having requests for more info about some of my images or the stories behind how I captured them. So as this blog grows you will hopefully find out a little more about what I’m getting up to with my photography and it will give a slightly more personal experience other than just seeing new images appear on my website from time to time.

What’s in the blog?
A bit of everything really, from reviews and thoughts on bits of equipment to processing tips & news from the world of photography.

A little more information about me
Although I started out shooting mainly wildlife (living in West London doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with that I must admit) I now shoot anything that inspires me and have lately found a real like for portraits and people photography, which was something that I really couldn’t get to grips with for a while. I’ve since done maternity & baby photos for two professional rugby players as well as being the official photographer at a friends wedding…which can read about here.

I became interested in photography back in 2001 when I went on holiday to Canada. At the time I only had a simple APS film camera but I saw so much amazing scenery and it inspired me to take photo after photo. When I returned home I was given the use of a manual Nikon film camera and I started learning the relationship between shutter speed, apperture and ISO’s and it just went from there although I’ve really invested more amount of time (and not to mention money!) in to my hobby since summer 2006, until that point it was just a fairly casual interest.

I currently shoot with a Nikon D3 & assorted lenses although I am not someone who cares what equipment a great photo was captured with, so you won’t find me sticking pins in a voodoo doll of the latest Canon DSLRs…

Thanks for looking, I hope this area is of use to some of you, whether its finding out stories behind some of my images of simply discovering a link to a new photography forum you didn’t know about…

Happy reading,

What do I shoot with?
For any gear heads out there who are curious!

Nikon D3
600 f4
200-400 VR f4
70-200 VR f2.8
28-70 AFS f2.8


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