Richard Peters Photography

Success Stories

Although I do not get the chance to take as many photos as I would like I have had a little success with some of my images and I hope to build on this as time goes on and look forward to hopefully seeing more of my images used for various projects in the future. Below I have listed some of the bits my work has been used for.

Competitions & features:

I currently have two images through to the final round of large UK based photography competition but until the results are announced in November I’m keeping the details of this close to my chest.

My Spring Lamb photo was choosen as the overall winner of the 2007 BBC1 Countryfile Photography Competition, with the image being put up on display in the library of the Linean Society in London as well as feature in the 2008 Children in Need calendar, which raised almost £250,000 for the charity. It is also being used as part of Natural Englands ‘Love Your Farm’ campaign.

A photo of mine of the London Eye was used for a charity christmas card for the festive periods of 2007, 08 and 09.

And, I also have done some work for the 24 hour news channel I work for, taking photos of Westminster which were used for studio set dressing when guests are interviewed on air as well as other on-air explainer graphics.


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