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200-400 + 1.7x TC test
August 13, 2008, 2:33 pm
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I recently visited a newly discovered local nature reserve. Not the greatest weather so thought it would be a good chance to just scout it out. I had tried this lens with the 1.7tc on my old D2x and never had good results, images were always very soft to the point that they didn’t even look that great at websize. However, as the D3 has adjustable focus I thought I’d try tweaking it for this lens/tc combo and use this opportunity to do a few test shoots in between the rain…

**This wasn’t a test of the D3’s high ISO, there are enough of those on the net. These shots are a bit grainy on the sharpened %100 crops but I think thats to be expected at ISO 2000 **

Test Images, handheld from a hide:

1/800, f8, ISO 2000, 650mm

Original shot resized for web

Original shot, click for full web size

%100 crop, click for full res

%100 crop, click for full res

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